Animations, Presentations & Graphics

 Let Our Persuasive Demonstratives And Graphics Tell Your Story


It is well-known that juries better understand complex concepts and more easily retain information when they experience compelling animations that tell a story.  Whether you need to demonstrate a complex product liability claim, provide a life-like view of the progression of a medical condition, or demonstrate the sequence of events leading up to an accident, our expert animators will use the latest multimedia tools to create 2D or 3D animations that will immerse jurors in your case.



Concise, well-designed graphics can speak volumes in the courtroom.  

A crisp, clean diagram, chart, or graph can clarify complex concepts in a way that verbal explanation simply cannot.  Our team has worked on thousands of cases, and has the knowledge, talent and experience to synthesize the facts of your case into easy-to-understand graphic designs that are persuasive, and can help you win your next case.

Interactive Demonstratives


Interactive demonstratives can help simplify a case story, and serve as a compelling method of persuasion.  Jurors can experience witnesses interacting with a visual platform, and see the progression of events from one or more peoples’ perspectives.  Our design team are experts in the field of informational design, and use the latest visual persuasion strategies and techniques to help our clients present evidence to help clarify witness testimony or support written briefs.




Timelines can be key visual aids with the power to summarize the entire narrative of a case, and to simplify complex sequences of events.  Our team often embeds exhibits, documents, photos and video clips into near, 2D and 3D timelines, to most effectively present the progression of events in your case, and to truly capture and maintain the jury’s attention.

Medical Illustrations & Body 360™  


Eye-catching, informative medical illustrations can have a powerful impact in the courtroom.  Our team of Certified Medical Illustrators translate information from depositions, medical imaging, and medical records, into accurate, high-quality images that juries can easily understand and retain.


Use Body 360™our custom, interactive 3D medical image solution, to give the jury a whole new perspective.  Have our team create a Body 360™ interactive animation for your next case, and your jury will see unique, informative, and persuasive views of a particular body part or injury.




More than just slides – our team will work closely with you to design a professional, custom presentation that helps make your evidence more memorable and persuasive.  From custom Powerpoint presentations by Microsoft Office Specialists, to complex presentation design, graphics and illustrations, our team of experts will provide the most powerful, impactful presentations to advance your case.


Fetal Strip™ Presentation 


Our custom program, Fetal Strip™, allows you to present fetal monitoring strips digitally in the courtroom, or in an Interactive Deposition, to impeach or defend a doctor, nurse, or expert in your case.  Fetal Strip™ allows you to highlight administered medications, progress notes, dilation points, embed notes, medical records, or any other relevant documents, and to bookmark critical junctures, stop and start at any point in time, and scroll through the strip up to 10 times normal speed.

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