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We have handled thousands of trials, arbitrations, and mediations around the world. Our professional trial technicians are experts in helping clients use the latest technology to their advantage. We’ll sit in the hot seat so you can focus on winning your case.

Toldeo Mack v. Mack Trucks, Inc.

Defense work on a five-week jury trial in an anti-trust claim. Claims involved price fixing and other violations of the Sherman Act. Work involved demonstrative creation, courtroom equipment and in-courtroom tech support. Case resulted in a full defense verdict plus damages on a counter claim.

Advantek Pro, Inc. v. ADT Services, Inc.

Defense work on a multi-week bench trial in a class-action. Alleged damages in excess of $1 billion. Work included demonstrative creation, courtroom equipment, and in-trial tech support. Araphao County, Colorado. Case concluded with a full defense verdict.

Dillard's, Inc. v. Towers Perrin Forster & Crosby, Inc

Defense work on a two-week bench trial in the Southern District of Ohio. Claims involved actuarial malpractice and ERISA breach claim. Work included database management, impeachment clip creation and hot-seat tech support. Case concluded in favor of Defense.

Ferguson v. Valero

Work on behalf of defendant refinery in wrongful death claim. Work included demonstrative creation, database support and clip creation for over fifty videotaped witnesses and hot-seat support. Case settled during trial.

Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District

Work on behalf of Plaintiffs in month-long case against school district in First Amendment Establishment Clause case. Parents sued over a new policy requiring the teaching of intelligent design alongside the theory of evolution. Work included interactive demonstrative creation, war-room support and hot seat support. The case gained nationwide prominence as it was the first challenge to intelligent design being taught in classrooms. Verdict for Plaintiffs. Read about the case in Harper’s Weekly.

O'Hara v. Premcor

Our technicians hot-seated both sides of this workplace injury jury trial in Wilmington, DE. Plaintiff-side demonstrative creation included a powerful timeline to show frequency of doctor’s visits before and after a workplace accident.

Burker v. Holcomb, et al

Plaintiff-side trial technology in a six-day personal injury jury case in Camden, NJ. Work included hot-seat support and demonstrative creation that helped prove a company, instead of an individual, was mostly negligent. $5 million verdict for Plaintiff.

International Arbitration

Work on behalf of Petitioner in an overseas contract dispute. Alleged damages nearing $1 billion. Work included creation of numerous interactive demonstratives, courtroom equipment, local and remote war room support and hot seat support. Ongoing case.

Contract Arbitration

Contract Arbitration: Work on behalf of Claimant on six-week contract dispute arbitration in Boston. Claims involved negligence and breach-of-contract claims. Work included demonstrative creation, database management, impeachment clip creation and hot-seat support. Decision for Claimant.

Pomron v. HUP, et al

Hot seat technician worked on both sides of a large med mal case, tasked with displaying documents and managing the separate databases throughout the three-week trial. Verdict was $19.5 million for the plaintiff.  Read more about our technician’s experience here.

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