Mock Trial Services

Take Your Case For A Test Run And Gain Valuable Insights, Within Your Budget 

Mock Trials

Test key evidence, witnesses, themes, arguments, and visuals, on jury-eligible citizens from your trial venue – all within a budget that is tailored to your case.  Our team of expert jury consultants conduct mock trial exercises across the country, incorporating all trial presentation services and tools that jurors will see in the courtroom, and video recording the proceedings for detailed follow-up analysis.  After a mock verdict is reached, our expert consultants lead post-deliberation discussions with mock jurors focused on specific areas of interest to the trial team.


Focus Groups

Focus groups are a non-adversarial research methodology using jury-eligible citizens from your trial venue.  Participants are guided through a conversational back and forth discussion of issues about your case, by a skilled moderator.  The entire proceeding is video recorded for later review.  Focus groups are a powerful tool for learning how people in your trial venue perceive the strengths and weaknesses of your case, questions they might have about your evidence, what information, issues or themes that they gravitate to, and their general thoughts around a verdict. 


For Jury Consultants

Let us host and/or support your next mock trial or focus group.  We have vast experience working on cases throughout the United States and know the challenges facing jury consultants when planning for and conducting mock jury research. Our trial technicians, graphic designers and animators are ready to assist. If you need to rent audiovisual equipment, help locating a facility, or simply an extra pair of hands, we offer the support you need.

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