Video Services

Bring Your Case To Life With The Power And Impact Of Video

Interactive Depositions

These innovative video depositions capture the deponent’s interaction with exhibits, leaving no doubt as to what the witness is describing.  The final product displays the deponent’s video testimony, while simultaneously showing the electronic exhibits with which the deponent has engaged. 


Interactive Deposition video can be synchronized to the transcript text, and clips can be created to play in the courtroom.


Day-In-The-Life Videos


Let our experienced, professional video team tell your client’s story in a powerful way.  We capture your client’s daily routine, effectively demonstrating the impact of injuries on a person’s life.  Day-in-the-Life videos effectively explain damages, and can be used at a settlement conference, mediation, or trial.

Video Settlement Brochures


Video Settlement Brochures provide an opportunity to showcase your client’s story, and to help you create visually dramatic and powerful videos to offer as a preview before trial.  We help you accumulate a library of interviews with your client’s family, friends, co-workers, and experts.  We’ll custom-design graphics, and integrate admissions and contradictory statements when applicable.  Video Settlement Brochures will allow you to present complex issues in a clear, persuasive format

that can help generate the best result for your client.


Video Editing & Enhancement


Call us for post-production of a video shoot, encoding video into various formats, creating sound bytes, creating a video collage, and more.  We will work with virtually any video you provide, including surveillance videos, to optimize image quality.  We can edit videos for use during depositions, for playbacks at trial, for mediation videos, and more.


Surveillance Video Editing


Much of what goes on in today’s world is recorded by surveillance cameras.  Often times, this footage captures information that is critical to your case.  Our video technicians are experts at editing surveillance video to further enhance its effectiveness when shown during depositions, at mediations or in trial. Send us your surveillance footage today and let us show you how we can assist you with your case.

Video Synchronization &

Clip Creation


Our team synchs video depositions with transcripts,and can create clips to help you prepare for your next trial.  We will edit video, and/or link exhibits to the transcript, as well.


Site Inspections


Whether you require video, still shots, or both, our experienced team will secure the appearance of a scene using the highest-quality HD technology.  We have many years of experience shooting site inspections indoors and outdoors, at day and at night, from construction sites to refineries.  


Microscope Depositions


Allow your witness to examine microscope slides during testimony with our professional-quality microscopes, and project the slides onto large monitors for counsel to see.  The witness can annotate the slide, and it is electronically captured and marked as an exhibit.  We can video record the deposition and turn it into an Interactive Deposition, capturing video of the witness as he or she annotates the slide.

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